We offer tree kind of warranty types on the products we have in our webstore.

The money back guarantee applies on all products and is even still void in case you have decided to take a discount instead of a warranty period on used or NOS products. This means that if, in despite our strict control, a product does not function as it should work, you can return the product to us. Upon receipt, we will check the product and if repair is possible and justified, we give you the choice between repair of the defect product, or your money back. Claims under this warranty, must be reported within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

Standard warranty on new products, applies to products we purchase from manufacturers or importers. These usually have a two year warranty, unless otherwise indicated .

Warranty on new products from old stock (NOS). This concerns mostly products purchased new in the past by companies, for example, to have spare parts on stock, so the production is guaranteed. The official warranty on such a product is commonly already expired for some time, due to its original purchase date. Nevertheless, we provide standard a three-month warranty on this product. Instead of a warranty period, you can also choose to take a discount instead, you will find the discount amount at the product page.

Warranty on used products. We provide standard a three-month warranty on this products. Instead of a warranty period, you can also choose to take a discount instead, you will find the discount amount at the product page.

On lots no specific guarantee is given, otherwise as the standard money back guarantee. Purchase of lots (a certain quantity of products in one buy)is also exclusively reserved for companies with a valid VAT number .

Warranty conditions

- Excluded of warranty are damages and defects caused by your own fault; like dropping, misuse, wrong connection, etc.

- If a package shows shipping damage, we ask you to document the damage with photographs. If unpacking reveals that the purchased product itself is also damaged, you should bring this immediately up to our attention. We cannot accept shipping damage reports send in later as one week after receiving the parcel, since our right of recourse at the shipping company expires after one week.

- The return of products must be done in consultation with us at all times. It is not the intention of returning products without prior notifying us. Besides that you are responsible for properly packing the product to be returned and bear the shipping risk.

- Products must be returned as complete and damage free, as they are delivered. We can offer no warranty on incomplete or damaged items.

- We usually only have one single article available of used and NOS products.
With DOA (Death on Arrival) or defects in the warranty period, it is possible that a repair is no longer justified. We can only reimburse you the paid purchase and shipping costs in such cases. Other expenses we cannot compensate.

- Please contact us if you unexpectedly encounter a defective outside the warranty period. We may be able to offer leniency or offer you a repair of the article at a discounted rate.